Space Clang! And inside 12 present Playground – a new collection of experimental music and other artistic expressions, in the name of the most reckless creativity. Space Clang! It will propose a series of concerts on the borders of the genres (hours 21.30), and each evening is inaugurated by an ad hoc event organized by internal 12 (hours 19.30), all in the beautiful frame of the circle loads suspended in alley of the door 12 with Padua. It begins on Friday April 17 with a concert with high energy rate: on stage there will be Jooklo Duo, with Virginia Genta with saxophones and David Vanzan on drums and percussion. One of the most interesting formations of recent years, affirmed internationally, takes its cue from the great tradition of free jazz to go to the most extreme boundaries of noise, in a whirl sound with devastating impact. Special event for a rare Padovana performance of the duo-not to be missed. In VIA Company opening will present "a light flips," dance performance inspired by the relationship between light-shadow and movement. With Antonio Baccillieri, Syria Bonu, Marco Casotto, Valentina Chiochia, Christian Comis, Valentina Corrò, Alessia Garbo, Anna Garbo, Elisa Magrin, Anna Ruzza, Carla Trincas. Playground continues Saturday, May 2 with another event not to be missed: Cristian Naldi, one of the most original musician of the Italian scene, already a member of groups unclassifiable as Fulkanelli and Ronin, presents Spectre, a solo project in which to grips with guitar Electric and live electronics will propose his personal musical vision, on the border between improvisation and contemporary. To open the evening the presentation of "different directions", Book of poems by Marco Coppe. Next appointment Friday, May 22 for a special project that sees the protagonist Piero Bittolo Bon – Among the best Italian saxophonists, active for years in the international arena – that will bring to the scene Spelunker, in which the saxophone, modified by an apparatus Electronic specially developed, it is explored from the inside, beyond the conventional possibilities of the instrument, to give life to an unusual and dizzy listening experience. As an opening event there will be the pictorial performance of Alessandro Canini, for years engaged in the dialogue of brushes with dance, photography, music. For information: clang space! Internal 12     CL_Playground-Poster