The inner child that is in US represents in its most elementary form, the primordial motive force, the one that gives life to our personal universe. That force that seeks the experiences and the meaning, that which gives to the human being the desire to play, which gives the capacity to rejoice. It gives talents such as inspiration and a sense of beauty; It is the part of us that loves and wants to be loved, that which is beyond time, always young and trusting in life itself. It is the researcher, the inventor, "the creator" in us, the one who wants to know how things work and take an active part to make them work. Let us live the fourth dimension, that flow but at the same time be immersed in what we are doing. The free inner child, living through the intelligence of his heart, is fully integrated into the present, is intuitive and enclosed in a world of his own, in which time flows at a different speed, according to his own rhythms and rules. The dark brown background of the figures take up some aspects of human subjectivity, they contrast with the vivid and explosive colours of the surrounding world. The Royal Balloon is a legacy of childhood held tight by the dark figures that reflect the monsters of the psyche in a cheerful and playful context which may be that of early childhood. The object becomes the cross between the posture and the "childish" traits of the protagonists and the darkness of the figures on a lively but also tumultuous background. And it is therefore watching and listening to our dark human part that we can activate in a strong way that curious and playful force of the inner child, who brings us back to life, to the joy of being light. Changing the point of view Black is no longer black, but it is enriched with that faint light that under the care of inner mirrors becomes sun, a strong and warm light that envelops the existence and path of the real man. The balloon becomes the transactional object of Winnicott, that is the instrument that mediates the psychic and internal development between the child and the external objective reality. The symbol of an ephemerality rhetorical figure given by helium, which quickly disappears into the air, changing its structure and becoming part of another reality, in another dimension and form. Freeing, consequently, the inner child from the troubled figures, memories of a conditioning rooted in that social culture in which the child grows today and becomes the adult of tomorrow. The inner child on, on, signifies the search for serenity of mind starting from our primordial root, the one that was not conditioned by parental education before and from the social then. Ephemerality Serenity, and part of a constant path, because listening to ourselves is never static, and therefore in its dynamism must be followed and modified with awareness and attention. The exhibition can be seen by clicking here a further study by clicking here Babyinterioron Babyinterioron Babyinterioron Babyinterioron Babyinterioron Babyinterioron Babyinterioron Babyinterioron Babyinterioron [ Caption id = "attachment_112" align = "alignnone" width="300"] Babyinterioronchildreninterioreon [/caption] childreninterioreon Childreninterioreon childreninterioreon