Black Angels

Art has the gift of emotion through shapes, colours, signs and contents.

This project seeks to build a bridge between the human psyche and the representation of the ego through painting. Angels with a neutral mask, angels with heavy wings, angels that are on the ground, or looking for a push to go up the China, this theme treated with the Black Angel, it is a dark presence that creeps inside the human being who attempted suicide by failing The action. This presence within man becomes a companion and manifests itself as a second or third personality, influencing behavior towards external reality. A little like schizophrenia, or bipolar syndrome. Hence the expression in the curves of feeling good and bad in its quotes represents the maximum expression of the creative and destructive character.


The ascent, the face of one or the other, leads the man to evolve through joys and sufferings, questions and answers, a cycle that is never equal to himself, in a spiral of thoughts, emotions, feelings and reflections.


A vertical rise of what goes over to just exist and survive.

It happens to divide the two realities, the objective one of society, from the subjective one of the person, without creating bridges between one and the other, and this lack of bridges makes us vulnerable towards a psychic imbalance that pours into the physical one too.

To create the thread, to find the way of union between the two worlds is the task of every human being, who has the possibility to choose whether to be helped by "specialists" or to help themselves through a reconstruction of the SE that can happen also through the art, or expressing their own world Outside.

Painting has always been an esternation of the inner part towards society, its manifestation poses the painter, the artist bare towards the observer.

Black Angel 2

Enriching the similar or dissimilar and enriching itself also from feeling different from the outside, of the diverse and multicultural reality that surrounds it.