Faces of Padua

30 September 2018

At the beginning of 2013 I met people during my exhibition of painting in the center, who told me about the difficulties of the local squares of patavine to remain open beyond the hours 24:00. Making it so difficult to relax university and especially giving the opportunity to those who practice the criminality to act in the shadows and desert more absolute.

Art and change

The comparison generates ideas so born to make free portraits to the Padovani in unusual locations, it occurred to us to do exhibitions and performances in pubs, bars, cafes, bistros in the center of Padua. Th
is initiative was supported by the Movement of Common Sense (a nonpartisan movement), and thanks to articles on the web, word of mouth and publicity among the locals, began to give its results.

You use mirrors to look at your face, and you use art to look at your soul.

George Bernard Shaw

In February 2013 the first local to host the initiative was the "Black of cuttlefish", near the saint, paint in front of many people is not so simple, as far as we can be prepared there is always an important lack, intimacy with oneself, but exceeded this Obstacle becomes fun to be there with brushes and acrylic, with an expiration time and a glass of wine, to portray the person in front, trying to understand her and asking her stories of her life, a kind of psychological analysis in front of the colors.

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The Rock

Then it was the turn of the rock, a local historical center, near the old hospital, and in front of me I found an actress of Love Vacui, a theater company of the Patavino, very active in the territory, which also collaborated with the initiative of the Agora of Movement of th
e good Senso.Ad each performance corresponded to my own personal exhibition, so I had the opportunity to take my paintings around Padua, even if actually the evening time and the boycott of the closing hours made these exhibitions and Not very popular performance.

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At the end of all the evenings and with a nice harvest booty of portraits patavini, the grand finale was the exhibition at Caffè Pedrocchi, in the octagonal room, I believe one of the last exhibitions in that room, after the change of management the Adibirono to local refreshment.

It was an experience rich in encounters and jokes, where art, painting, created a binder between the real world, difficult and tricky and that surreal world of color, light and poetry that is born inside a canvas.

On September 21, 2013 This adventure was concluded with the movement of common sense, but it was the beginning of a series of pictorial performances for venues, demonstrations and events. The works were donated to the models of the various occasions, but not all were withdrawn, sometimes the art is put aside.

The works: the Patavini portraits

Art does not reproduce what is visible, but it makes visible what is not always.

Paul Klee