The Dream of the dead

When we walk through the cities we do not usually know we go to observe the important monuments, the architectures that have made known that location and we never think, first of all, to visit also the place of death, the cemetery.
Inside the cemetery people generally go to find their loved ones, at least what is left of their body, the transitional container.

Ph: Alessandro Canini, Photographer and Artist.

And they wish to go there as late as possible in that place as perennials, or almost.
It is difficult to think of the cemetery as a place to go and keep the dead in a simple way, sitting on a bench watching the sky smoking a cigarette, or reading a book.

This is the fear of death and the gatherer of it in this last phase of life. The cemetery seen as a place in the cities, in this architectural outfit that changes with the style of the time. What makes you smile is that this phase of life is inevitable, indefinable, unpredictable.

Ph: Alessandro Canini, Photographer and Artist.

It manifests what is that, as the temporal things are all transitory and mortal, so in itself and out of itself to be full of boredom, anguish and fatigue, and to infinite dangers being subjected; To which without a foul nor could we, who live mingled in them, and who are part of them, last nor shelter us, if the grace of God might and vigour not lend us. 

Boccaccio-Decameron I. DjVu/31

 I am the death, great princess, that
the human haughtiness at the bottom
Pono: For all the world my name is spread.
     Tremble the whole Earth in my so
und: The Kings and Grand Masters
in Little orfor my gaze of his throne.

Jacopo Alighieri
Ph: Alessandro Canini, Photographer and Artist.

Aplha and Omega is a photographic artistic project that wants to reflect on the importance of the presence "death" in the life of every day, trivially it is said that you have to live every day as if it were the last day, but in this way you do not exorcize death, but you Random actions to forget it. A
plha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and identifies the beginning, the birth; Omega instead is the last letter of the alphabet, therefore designates death, to all the high letters that compose the alphabet we could allocate words that identify unique moments of our lives, but this will be the subject of another article.

Ph: Alessandro Canini, Photographer and Artist.

 The form of it painful death, t
hat ' n be of a garzon is figured, it
designs that ' n you already be not
osafirmeza of reason any fiata,

   But Scanoscenza and Wills Noiosam
ovente Maita disbraking mind; that
' n tal mainera the Garzon is posed; no
longer hear, what a life is desennata.

   And sure Ben is natural figura
de it Amor, whose trouble and death appeal,
yes as if it shows for them simblanti
of the mortars Ditti amorusi lovers, b
y making a reason Catun Ribello, cr
azy to want to follow out of measure.

Guittone d'arezzo-Rime (XIII century)
Ph: Alessandro Canini, Photographer and Artist.

What would be desirable to understand about this last phase is that we are within an element constituted by life, but it is a vitality in continuous decay, our skin, the senses, the organs, with time you consume as the mechanical parts of a car , and then end up not moving anymore, so the death of the body happens.

Ph: Alessandro Canini, Photographer and Artist.

But as scary as this is, the most intense moment of this life is accepting the presence of death, then also of its graveyard container as a place of life, though it seems to belong to another dimension, where unnamed characters take possession of the Name of who has no body anymore. Where the lights change intensities and the scents of the withered flowers surround the senses making us nostalgic and settembrini.

Ph: Alessandro Canini, Photographer and Artist.

The architectures of cemeteries are very different, even if they have similar bases, that is where to contain and the modalities for containment, but at the level of spaces, decorations, gorges, are dissim
ilar. This diversity makes some cemeteries of the world famous enough to become a place to visit as if it were a museum, but in the history of art there are tombs commissioned by the artists since the time of the ancient Egyptians. 
Thus the cemetery or the place of the eternal rest turns into art, a container of messages rich in religious symbolism, suitable to reflect those who observe or who enter.

Ph: Alessandro Canini, Photographer and Artist.

But what is sent to the other as a message, is not a positive vision of death and consequence of life, but it is a trigger anxieties and fears to lead the living being to live evil if it does not perform special actions of religious culture where it is in place Conditioning message.

This thought of being ephemeral in a time devoted to personal evolution, of family, of one's curriculum and other similar things, moves us away from that serious and severe, but at the same sarcastic, preparation, which is the approach to the place of decay, In its fullest acceptance.

Ph: Alessandro Canini, Photographer and Artist.

Alpha and Omega are just photos inside unnamed cemeteries, with colors in suspension that resemble our blood, life and its continuous mutating; Bright colors, dull, toned, contrasting, sometimes complementary.
Those colors that say are the exclusivity of the newly blossomed flowers and not the rotten flowers left to cover the photos of the deceased.

Ph: Alessandro Canini, Photographer and Artist.

What the beginning of Alpha describes is a first indication of how to deal with the uniqueness of life, with its decadence and mortality, certainly inevitable, but not for this devastatin

g. Living the place of death…


This is the challenge for those who are still afraid to face life with its inevitable end.