I think it is the most complex path for an artist to give another artist his reflected image that portray him exactly as he is in his inner essence.

I met these three artists, in different times and ways in my life, Ettore Greco (site) was in the academy in my own years and every now and then you traveled the Venice-Padua route to go to university, then anyway with time we found, lost and so on. (Soon I'll write an article)

Mauro Evola (FB profile) I met him I believe during a collective exhibition of painting and photography, professor of history and Italian, great culture and lover of analogue photography.

Patrizia Da Re (site) met during the events of the movement of common sense to restore life to the squares of patavine, we made on that occasion a canvas with two hands, free and determined spirit, now a professor of retired art, happily dedicated to his Cats and engravings.