Urban contamination within nature brings into the collective imagination a poetic vision of saturated colours thickmed between the reflections of the water and the aerial vapours of the clouds. This speed of living often forces us to forget that we are guests of a world and we are not the absolute masters, but respect for the other and for our container is a practice that must be acquired with time and with the words handed down by those who before us was or Spite of this land. Port of Chioggia photography helps to remind posterity as it was the landscape, landscape, before the photograph was the painting to testify, and it was the imaginary mind that was giving back to man the vision of a reality, imaginably, it It proposes to make reflect in the simplicity of communication, on the importance of a knowing how to grasp with a breath that moment that unites us always to what in the root we are. Ponte di Chioggia Simply men who are born and are educated, often conditioned, to live according to rules that move us away from nature, from the imaginary, from the dream of being pure poetry together with everything that surrounds us.   Seagull in Chioggia The fortune of being able to stop and contemplate the man's effort to integrate with the geometries of nature, helps to understand what is still to be done and strive to do both as a community and as a single, not to lose and not to destroy What we still have the honour to see and breathe in this human dimension, to imagine a future for posterity is always complex, but it is not an impossible action, indeed, this is within the reach of every sentient being.