The magic of the hut.

4 August 2018

When you make a short trip or holiday from the Suldare city to the mountain, or rather on the plateau of the seven municipalities (of Asiago), you can not avoid seeing the differences between the chaotic life of the city and the one that seems quieter than the mountain. Ph: Alessandro Canini, Photographer and Artist. But what makes me more curious between these areas is that attitude of the "local" towards the tourist, and this is tasted in both the municipality of Asiago with its shops and pubs (PAB) that in the pastures, more difficult to reach with a broken Fiat multiple to Methane like mine. Ph: Alessandro Canini, Photographer and Artist. Different attitude for every shop and hut, in some places it seems that they wait for the tourist to serve him with reverence and then presenting an account not really ethical, in others instead treat you really ethically while remaining "detached" from Cheerful and convivial communication of the countries of southern Italy, but with excellent products and prices.   Ph: Alessandro Canini, Photographer and Artist. Apart from the premises that good or bad are to be discovered and to choose which to prefer, the alpine pastures have a history to itself, these places lost between gravel roads full of holes stones and cows grazing in the road, always give a confirmation of empathy towards the nature , where however the man with the installations is present, but also leaves a lot of space to the green and to what it contains. Ph: Alessandro Canini, Photographer and Artist. There are huts like that of Campolongo that besides finding refuge, also offer a kind of restaurant with the specialties of the place, but I did not find it very well, who works there is not really a top of the courtesy, the food you pay dearly, but it is good and varied , maybe a little too much on the restaurant genre which does not get married well with the definition of ' refuge '. Ph: Alessandro Canini, Photographer and Artist. Instead I am very satisfied with the Malga di Camporossignolo, where there are very young people who are really well educated and friendly, have a small resale with their products, a refreshment restricted as choices, economical and extremely good. Ph: Alessandro Canini, Photographer and Artist. Along the roads of this hut you can cross the cows to pasture, free with their pools of water ready to refresh them. Then going up you get to the views on the plateau suggestive, thanks to the clouds always present landscape photographs become pictorial landscapes defined and saturated. Ph: Alessandro Canini, Photographer and Artist. Near Gallio you will find a very peculiar campomuletto hut, with cows that look like city pigeons, accustomed to people so much to come close in a little intrusive while you take a picnic with family. The substantial difference is that the pigeons with a beating of hand go away, while the cow cares highly and with its tonnage also puts a bit of anxiety. Ph: Alessandro Canini, Photographer and Artist. It's still fun to observe their behavior. Some tourist, who feels bit too free in this nature, will find his latest model BMW, smeared by the vivacity of the Piebald quadruped, intrigued by the beautiful open windows, has slipped the big head to see what luxury option he could lick. Ph: Alessandro Canini, Photographer and Artist. Entertaining moments also in crossing the dirt roads these dairy animals, free and overeating to the passing of cars. Knowing that the multiple does not have a great bodywork (I would like an Audi Q8 or Q5 at these times), I avoided contact with these cute but heavy critters. Ph: Alessandro Canini, Photographer and Artist. The magic of the Alpine pastures has a fascination for the tourist, for me even more in researching geometries and compositions with nature, to make the best a landscape poorly contaminated by the human presence, a landscape photograph that tells a story or how they prefer Say the Anglophone "tell a Story". Ph: Alessandro Canini, Photographer and Artist. I should conclude this short article by saying that anyone who entrust to himself the search for the beautiful will always find the same answer, so I prefer to say that the best time to enjoy the beauty of what surrounds us is to appreciate it with people who They live with you.