There are stories that kidnap us since we take the first steps on this planet called by US Earth, among these fantastic romantic stories there is that category, dearest to me for the most different reasons, that is the one that encloses the stories concerning the Goblins and their lives in the woods.

Castelletto di Rocca pendice, view.

The closest forest to Padua is the one located on the Euganean Hills, a favourite destination for the search for particular photographs.

In these places walking is always good, in every season, because you find every where life in miniature. 

There are shades between the remains of the trunks with the roots still well buried, decorated with cracks of all shapes, excellent dens for spiders and animals, or for crazy goblins.

If you are head bowed, in the undergrowth, along the paths, you can see different types of openings, even those created by the sun and rain.  The earth opens with cracks reminiscent of the cuts of Lucio Fontana or the burnt sacks of Alberto Burri.

In these moments of complete harmony with nature you can feel the heartbeat rising suddenly as if it were a teenage love, then return to a rhythm and steady, a moderate, but not too much.

What surprises those who for years tried to amaze the neighbor with his own pictorial works, photographic, sculptural, poetry and whatnot, is that in nature, without any effort, there is already everything, but as often happens, who passes does not see, then the machine Photographic and a little ' sensitivity help to bring so much beautiful artistic material already made and complete in the eyes of the other.

Everything is everywhere and everything is in the intense breath of the trees, of the moss, of the deciduous leaves, in the broken twies, between the cobwebs bat

hed by the dew. Among the accurate shades of green, Ciani, brown and v

iolet oxides. A palette with unique colors, difficult to describe with words. M

ysterious and shadowy colors.

At the end of the journey between the huts of the goblins, you just have to stop, rest and contemplate the infinite wisdom of nature, under the roots of an old tree, which challenges every irregularity of the terrain to survive and give shade to the petty explorer.